Spring Fling in Print


A mini Collection just in time for the end of spring :) 
Instocks for our very popular brush guards are also available ! 

P.s Opt for a certificate of posting at no extra cost ! 


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as recommended by Michelle Phan
last few packs !

The Brush Guard is an entirely new product that keeps your makeup brushes like new! The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVdciJkmb7o

Please select one of the following:

Variety Pack-1 Shadow/Liner (ex. small), 2 Blush (small), 2 Foundation (medium), 1 Powder/Kabuki (large)
 Shadow/Liner Pack: 10 Shadow/Liner (ex. small)
Blush Package: 8 Blush (small),
Foundation Package: 2 Foundation (medium),
 Powder/Kabuki Package:  4 Powder/Kabuki (large)

Hollywood Superstar

it really makes our day when we received a compliment ! thank you for your kind words missin_ya. Please do let us know who you are ! We would like to thank you personally !  Boutique pieces at blogshop prices- We will strive harder to bring you better steals.

Collection Launched.

Enjoy free registered mail when you purchase the hollywood superstar frock ! Discount code is now available on our Facebook page !
Also featuring to you the brush guard for all those precious make up bushed as recommended by Michelle Phan ! Learn how to clean and store your brushes correctly ! Video and information all inside !
p.s today is the last day of keish iphone mobile charger preorder. Iphone users click here now !

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u have asked for restocks for these hot hot favourites

& we have brought them back.  Featuring the polka dotty swing dress in midnight blue & scarlet.

free registered mail for all mailing listees for this post !

love, Jac.

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Our initial manufacturing quantity for this piece was very high so we will not be opening backorders for this piece to maintain exclusivity. Thank you darlings for your support !

P.s Keish has opened her 2nd and last iphone mobile charger onfreezefame  ! Cheapest in Singapore ! Grab yours now :) 
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Backorders at your request !

Thank you darlings for the overwhelming response ! I am so happy that all our hardwork has paid off :)
Backorders are now up as promised to all !

BATCH 2 OPEN CLOSING 091010 2359

P.s Click here to see a sneak peak of what our next manufactured design looks like ! We love love love ! 
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Feminine Staples II

Hi Darlings ! 

This collection features three exclusively manufactured designs. Runway and celebrity inspired- Think items you will see on the big screen ! We will be launching another DKNY inspired dress (we tweaked it so you can wear it in 5 different ways) this week ! So please join out mailing list or
facebook acct for updates & sneak peaks ^_^

P.s If you missed our $12.50 iphone mobile charger preorder, please join the mailing list. Keish will be opening another batch this week on
freezefame  !

We hope you enjoy your stay here.


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